Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Margo on skates and bike, She moved to the Hamptons, we miss seeing her in the park. She's a Mas'seuse, an author, and a world traveler. Read her book, she had one interesting life.

The Jazz band in the park

Rashid plays the trumpet, and Jay is on the sax.

Chris and York

Two bad asses that put a lot of hurting on people on bikes, including me. Man these guys are STRONG!

Marie, the painist and world champion time trailist.

Before she competed in the world championship. Always a pleasure riding with her.


One cool asian cyclist, he used to race motor cycle, dude is cool

Harold or Hal

Haven't seen in a while, I am sure I'll see him this summer.


He's retired now, but he still wonder how the telephone still works, kinda like the Coned guys, wondering how the lights stays on.


Max's son, Future musician, athlete and what not. He's sooo cute, the other goofy kid is cute too! That's what "they" say.

Max the composer

Max in 2004, man he was strong.

Raul the actor.

Did you know this man played the part of the Engineer in Miss Saigon. I am sure I'll see him in the park real soon.


He promised to be back on the bike this Spring (2006). He bought a bar and he's busy running it. Hope to see you in the park real soon.


He doesn't remember but my first ride to Nyack was lead by him. I was the only one on a mountain bike.

Hanging out by West 72nd street